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"I love this pillow. It was magical and my head felt relief while it was supported by the pillow. I loved that the pillow didn’t go flat even if I tossed and turned. I had a better night sleep and felt great in the morning. My sleep has never felt so good."

Carly C.



"I am usually not the type of person to write a company about their product. I have tried many different types of pillows then someone told me about this product. I really have enjoyed sleeping with this pillow and it really does not go flat just like they say! Thank You."



"I am giving this pillow a positive review because it really is a better pillow. I am going to get one for me wife because she has been using mine."

Justin F.



"It is nice to know that when my body gets warm at night my head and pillow will not. The filling in the pillow is fabulous! I love the cooling and the way the pillow bounces back. One pillow is finally enough to use."

Bonnie S.



"I've been in a Goldilocks situation when it comes to pillows. Too firm, too soft -- hurts my neck. I'd had the hardest time finding something just right. A few of my more expensive pillows lasted a month or two before they got too soft, so I decided to just go ahead and try the Better Pillow and see if it was a good fit. Price point was great. So far, I love this pillow so much. If you're on the fence about it, I say give it a chance. It might be your "just right" pillow too."

Ben R.